Swing It Kit

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Our Swing It Kit Contains:

  • MyGolf Equipment Bag
  • MyGolf Putters x 5
  • MyGolf GFK 7 x 10 (2 x Left Handed and 8x Right Handed)
  • MyGolf Clicker Ball x100
  • Hitting Matt with Rubber Tee x10
  • MyGolf Putting Target x9
  • Swing It Game Cards
  • Swing It Game
  • Score Cards
  • Schools Certificate

Unleash the joy of golf in your school with the Swing It Kit! This all-in-one package, featuring an extensive selection of clubs, is designed to captivate students and make physical education classes unforgettable. Perfect for Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Secondary, and Modified Secondary levels, our kit includes everything you need to introduce the thrill of golf to your students, fostering skills, teamwork, and loads of fun. For Lower Primary, choose between lightweight Plastic or durable Iron clubs. Plus, it links perfectly with the CoachMate app to help any teacher deliver this with easy-to-follow animated activities that include the equipment in the kit, ensuring a seamless and engaging teaching experience.